Our history - our name

The founders Christina Lundquist, Linda Take, Mikael Johansson and Kristian Lindén had already known each other for several years and been working together in different constellations. We had came to the conclusion that we came along really well and shared many of the values that each of us considered being important – and even crucial. We had seen and experienced the consequences when businesses and people were governed by circumstances rather than by thoughtful decisions and conscious choices. We had seen how this could impact individuals and companies in a negative way. And sometimes even nature and environment. We clearly saw the importance of working proactively rather than reactively. Consciousness emerged as an increasingly central concept, almost like a mantra, in our conversations regarding how we wanted to work in the future.

Job satisfaction

Consciousness also leads to the next key concept that permeates our attitude to life - job satisfaction. We are basically spending half our waking time in our workplaces. When you think about it, it seems to be obvious that well-being at work and job satisfaction is very important in order to make you feel good. Not “just” during the hours you spend at work, but also the time you’re not. In addition, we believe that we perform the best when we have harmony in life. Physical, mental and emotional harmony – everything is connected. If the harmony of life begins right at the workplace, maybe should be left unsaid, but it was at workplaces we had come to know each other and it was just about work and business our thoughts broke up when we met between Christmas and New Year 2016.

As always - positive energy

We decided we would meet at a café and concretize what we talked about for a while; that we wanted to work together, and that we would run a company together. The conversations had gradually become more concrete. We were getting ready to create a plan - based on conscious decisions. The idea to create an industrial group with water as a common theme matured in intense, fun, exciting and inspirational discussions. Everything from business ideas, visions, values, market plan, company names to roles, employees, customers, budget and staff parties were dealt with a lot of laughter and a lot of positive energy.

The energy rose further and we felt that what we saw before us needed a clear identity. Our baby needed a name. In classical fashion we wrote up all possible suggestions on a White Board and encountered and prospered. It is at least as complicated and engaging to name a company like a child. We were also four parents who would agree. As a result, some names crystallized as more relevant than others.

With water, energy is created

With water, energy is created. Rivers, oceans and lakes belong to history's oldest and most important infrastructure. The ocean is the origin of all life, and nothing alive is able to survive without water. And water is an important part of our skills and what we should work with. From that point of view, the color blue (“blå” in Swedish) was obvious, though we chose to use the English "Blue" because our ambitions were to work even outside Sweden's borders.

We also discussed our common view of awareness. And that the future is not something that just "comes later", but actually is something we create here and now. In this way, the future (“framtid” in Swedish) became a concept we would focus on. We also saw the sky as a symbol for a positive future. And the sky is also blue. When we put the two words, "Blue" and "Future" next to each other, everything fell into place. Blue Future was born and named a rather cold and sunny Tuesday at a café on December 27, 2016.